The Town Worship April 26, 2020

This Sunday, we near the end of our series in Esther. My hope and my prayer for each of our members and friends is that we are striving to strengthen our faith all the more. My hope is that we look forward to the sudden day that Jesus returns even more than looking forward to when things might be back to normal.  Sunday worship is meant to draw us toward the matchless worth of Jesus.

Prepare. If you have pre-school aged kids, you can access a visual help guide for the sermon content by clicking here.  For older kids you can download a visual guide here.
Get online early and invite friends to a watch party and let them know what time everything starts. Tag people, share to timelines. Do your part to build up the body of Christ online and to invite others into worship.

Parents. We will be studying Esther 7-8 as the entire story turns in the favor of Esther and God's people. This Sunday we will be taking a closer look at King Headache (Xerxes).  He is a man who did not fear God, and yet God used him to accomplish His own purposes and for His own glory.

Call to Worship. Around 10am turn on some worship music in your house. Call the family together and have everyone read a few passages of favorite Scripture together. If you are single, get on a Zoom or other network call with some brothers and sisters and Christ. Maybe tune into the live feed together.

Our Worship Set is:
Grace Alone
It Is Well
Still in Control
Hallelujah What A Savior
Holy, Holy, Holy
Solid Rock

We overlaid lyrics during out live worship last week and look to do so again this week. However, if we should have glitches, please feel free to download the lyrics by clicking here.

Read and Pray. Esther 8

Sign In and Start or Join a Watch Party. This past week, I heard of one of our members who started a watch party (by accident) and he ended up seeing a bunch of his old high school friends tune in along side of him. These friends do not have a home church and wouldn't call themselves believers. Do your part in this mission and get your own watch party started!

This week, the sermon will be live - this means you might experience lag, or drops. Just refresh your page and pick up where you left off.

Respond In Worship.  This week we will return with live worship. If you have problems with the feed, don't forget to try and refresh the page. Unfortunately, we don't have the money or the resources of Netflix - that means, we rely on the free services of Facebook. Sometimes, there will be glitches. Just refresh. If that doesn't work, stick around as we have a team on hand watching along side of you. We will do everything in our power to make sure we can all experience worship as together as possible. 

Give. You can give to the church using PushPay app or going to

Response. Spend some time in prayer. Check in with a few friends online or text message and see if you can pray for them.
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