The Town Worship April 5, 2020

On Palm Sunday, you won't be with the large worship gathering, but you are still in the presence of an audience of One. Invite a few friends or gather your family and worship Jesus together.

Prepare. If you have pre-school aged kids, you can access a visual help guide for the sermon content by clicking here.  For older kids you can download a visual guide here.
Get online early and invite friends to a watch party and let them know what time everything starts. Tag people, share to timelines. Do your part to build up the body of Christ online and to invite others into worship.

Parents. You may want to pick up the Jesus Storybook Bible and read the story of Esther. You may also want to read Esther 6-7 from the Message to your kids. Don't be afraid to stop and explain as best that you can. Make up funny names for the weird names that are hard to read. Make it memorable. Have your kids "boo" every time they hear Haman's name.

Call to Worship. Around 10am turn on some worship music in your house. Call the family together and have everyone read a few passages of favorite Scripture together. If you are single, get on a Zoom or other network call with some brothers and sisters and Christ. Maybe tune into the live feed together. 

Read and Pray. Esther 6-7, Isaiah 44:9-21

Sign In and Start or Join a Watch Party. It's super-important right now for all of us to make sure we're connecting with others online. Don't do this alone. You can use the following links to access our stream at 10:30am.  Once you log on and access the link, press the share button or host a watch party. Be sure to let everyone know you're watching with them. Comment, interact and make the most of the opportunity God has given us to reach people. Don't be shy with posting pictures of worship in your homes - this is so encouraging to your brothers and sisters and pastors.

Respond In Worship.  If you can sing or play, pick a favorite song and do it. Or join live with the worship band. We will be playing live after the sermon. There will be a short break between the sermon and the live-stream of music. Just stay tuned. Refresh your page or website if need be.

Give. You can give to the church using PushPay app or going to

Response. Spend some time in prayer. Check in with a few friends online or text message and see if you can pray for them.
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