What Good is Faith?

Day 1 - March 23 / Pastor Dan Betters

Hebrews 11:1

"Now faith is being sure of things hoped for."

Take a moment and think about how much good information is packed into a few words from the Scripture. These words, written to an early church who was persecuted and faced incredible hardship, have echoed throughout all time.

Faith is a state of being. That state of being is surety. Isn't that something we all want right now in the middle of a pandemic crisis. We want assurance and we want to live with assurance.

The next set of words are connected to the first set, "sure of things hoped for." This is what faith is. Faith is assurance of certain things that haven't yet occurred. The writer of Hebrews spends the entire letter to the church attempting to have the church reboot and reconsider their lives. He/she wanted the church to take their eyes off of the smaller things and set their affection on King Jesus.

The great assurance we have in the future rests on what has been accomplished in the past. The assurances that we have today in the midst of pandemic anxiety also rest in the past, but also on the future.

We know that because Jesus died and rose in the past, that he will return to make all things new in the future. Faith is being sure that the future is ultimately secure in our Father's hands.
Prayer Points:
  • Give thanks to God for His daily provision
  • Give thanks to God for His provision in Salvation
  • Pray through Psalm 40 using the model from Sunday worship
  • Ask God to deliver you from what you see as pits of mire

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