Where is the Love?

Day 26 - April 21 / Elder Steve Hart

Psalm 77:7-9

“Will the Lord spurn forever, and never again be favorable? Has his steadfast love forever ceased? Are his promises at an end for all time? Has God forgotten to be gracious? Has he in anger shut up his compassion?”

This verse is often used as an example demonstrating the value of confession and opening up to God about our deepest doubts. Particularly, in verse 8, the psalmist is crying out to God in wonder if his steadfast love has ceased. In its poetic nature, the psalmist later answers his own questions by remembering the deeds of the Lord (v. 11) and reflecting upon his sovereignty (v. 16-20).

I’m sure many of us are having a hard time feeling the love. Our human contact is restricted to those in our household. For many people who live alone, this may mean no human contact at all. We are banned from gathering socially and even if we wanted to break the rules (which I don’t recommend), we wouldn’t have anywhere to go. We are limited to trying to connect with our loved ones through screens and we’re all quickly realizing that nothing can replace the life giving feeling of human interaction. This restriction from love and affection in our lives may prompt us to ask, “So, God, where is the love?”

In times of uncertainty it is in our human nature to lament our perception of the absence of God’s love. We may ask, “How can a loving God put his people through this much stress, confusion, and isolation?” We may even unload the burdens of our heart by calling out to God with our struggles. God knows the worries of our hearts and wants to hear our honest prayers. There is nothing wrong with bringing your burdens, whatever they are, to the foot of the cross. However, we should do so with humility.

As you’re reading and praying over Psalm 77 this week, notice how the psalmist humbles himself before God. The beginning of his prayer is a lamentation, but verses 10-20 show the psalmist humble confession that God has provided his steadfast love in the past and a reverence for the greatness of God’s rule of the world.

In the Bible we see a consistent message of God’s unfailing, steadfast love for his people. This was true at the beginning of time and will continue throughout eternity. What we are experiencing now is but a blip on the timeline that God has worked out for his glory. Let us remember the wonderful ways that God has loved us and hold strong to the promise that he will continue to do so forever and ever.
Prayer Points:
  • Confess to the Lord your deepest worries and concerns.
  • Give thanks to God for all he has done in your life and for his people throughout time.
  • Read and pray through Psalm 77.
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