Kids Remind Us We Have a Future

It is our aim to make sure that the children at The Town learn about Jesus in a fun and relevant way each Sunday and each time we come together.  

Kids Club meets during the main worship gathering at 10:00am. We also provide a nursery for children and care for pre-school children.  Additionally, we have a quiet room available for families with sensory needs. 

Every leader and volunteer who is a part of Kids Club at The Town has been through a thorough background check and has been trained in safety and security. 

When to Arrive

Kids Club at The Town opens 20 minutes before our worship gathering. You will only need a few minutes to securely check your children in. 

Where to Go

As soon as you walk through the front doors, just look to your left and you'll see a large hallway that leads to all Kids Club rooms and nurseries. There will be a few tables with staff who can answer questions and register your children. 

Secure Check- In System

We ask that every family check in their children by using our electronic check-in system. You will receive a tag that is matched to your children. If for some reason your child needs you during our worship gathering we will use our system to notify you by text. You will need to keep your guardian tag with you so that we can match you with your child. 

Safety and Security

In addition to our security team, all of our staff in both Kids Club and Nursery receive background checks and and are trained with safety and security in mind. We have adopted standard safety and security policies to make sure that families can have peace of mind when they check their children into The Town. 


0-2 years old
Our nurseries are the quietest rooms in the house! Our staff will make sure to care for your baby so that you can have peace of mind.


3-4 years old
As your child is learning to explore the world around them, we take the opportunity to teach them about God's love for them and the world. We engage them with age appropriate activities, games and crafts as they develop their love for Jesus.

Kids Club

Kids Club is an all out party with a purpose! We want kids to want to come to church. We teach the Bible in a fun and relevant way through music, activities, games, and quality Christ-centered content. We think your kids will be talking about Kids Club all week!

Special Needs

All Ages
We want every family to feel like they are a part of their church family. We will work with any family to help each child feel safe and at home at The Town. We also have a sensory room available that is attached to the main sanctuary for any family who might need it.