Check out the videos below. Rehearse your part. Record your part. Send in your clips.

For the Kids!

We want you to be part of our Christmas Worship this year! Will you help us lead?
Every time you hear the director say, "chorus!" you'll know to start singing. 

For the Parents!

  1. Have Fun
  2. No Need for Perfection.
  3. Film Horizontally.
  4.  Choose a fun background.
  5. Rehearse the song. We want the kids to sing every time the director says, "chorus". It's the part that sings, "We will sing joy...." 
  6. Siblings can be in the same clip or separate
  7. Film the same part of the song a few times. We want more than one clip and will use the different clips at different times. 
  8. Send clips to

Download the Music File

Download the music file to play so you can sing with us this Christmas. Just play the file, sing your best, and send in your video clips!  We need you to sing the chorus, "We will sing joy..."
Click the picture or click here.
We'd encourage you to listen to the whole song by clicking the video link below.