The City
What is The City?
The City is the online platform we use for communication, giving, organization, and to help build community within our church.
Why does Stone's Throw use The City?
The City offers a lot of tools we need to run the church God has entrusted us with well. It provides a simple way to do communication, organize churchwide events, track membership, facilitate online giving, and more. More importantly it provides a way for the various groups and teams that make up the body of our church to have a common platform for sharing, communication, and building community. Like any piece of technology, The City enhances our ability to do something—in this case accomplish our mission as a body.
What if I already have Facebook?
Facebook and other social media networks focus on individuals and their needs. The City focuses on groups and the needs of an individual church. The City doesn't replace Facebook, but offers a way to effectively coordinate and communicate with everyone in the church whether they have Facebook or not. Moreover, unlike other social media networks, The City doesn't seek to create a virtual alernative to real-world community but rather to mirror and enhance community that already exists.
What will I do with The City?
The City is about groups so you'll simply join the groups you're already in and share prayers, needs, and information with those groups. This gives community groups and ministry teams a common way to communicate and plan throughout the week. Since everyone in the church will be in the churchwide group you'll receive information about churchwide events and topics from the pastors, elders, and staff. You won't need to create an expansive profile, wade through a stream of app-generated content and advertising, or spend all day reading status updates.
How do I get access to The City?
When you visit us stop by the welcome table and fill out a card with your email address. We'll send you an invite and assign an online agent to help get you connected to the church. Once you have an account you can access it here.